we are fallon health

In early 2014, we marked an exciting moment in our organization’s history when we reintroduced ourselves as Fallon Health, a shorter version of Fallon Community Health Plan.

This demonstrates how we’ve grown and expanded over 37 years. It gets to the heart of who we are by unifying all that we do and all that we stand for in a simple but strong way. This illustration shows the many ways Fallon today fulfills its mission of making our communities healthy.

We remain one of America’s top-ranked health plans—with provider networks that cover 95% of the state’s population—and we are committed to remaining so. But, we also are a growing enterprise that enters new markets and lines of business and offers solutions to a diverse population of all ages, income levels and health statuses. We are more than a health plan—we are a health care services organization.

Our brand combines our unique perspective and clinical experience as a provider of care with our genuine and personal concern for individual and community wellness. It’s what separates us from our competitors.

We are…Healthy. Member-driven. Community-focused. Connected. Trusted. Innovative. Flexible.

These words best describe our culture, our core values—the essence of who we are. They capture how our employees care about, and deliver, the big and small things that make members’ lives easier—such as expert help with hospital transitions, rides to medical appointments, IV specialty medications given in the home and remote monitoring that adds safety and security for our frail elders and their caregivers.

We are a strong, successful company. We made steady progress in 2014. We set a foundation in place that we can build upon this year and beyond. Thanks to the diligence and dedication of our employees, we’re in a very good position to move our strategic plan forward to achieve positive outcomes for our organization and our members.

We’re making a difference in the lives of more people than ever—and this continues to energize us. We hope in this annual report that you’ll come to better know a health care services organization that cares, that is in fact like no other health plan. We give you Fallon Health.

W. Patrick Hughes 
W. Patrick Hughes
President and Chief Executive Officer

David Hillis 
David W. Hillis
Chairman, Board of Directors


W. Patrick Hughes and David Hillis
Fallon Health Board of Directors

David W. Hillis – Chairman
Frederick M. Misilo, Jr., Esq. – Clerk
Ann K. Tripp – Treasurer
Lynda Young, M.D. – Vice Chair
James Buonomo
B. John Dill
Patrick Hughes – Fallon President and
Chief Executive Officer
Karin J. Landry
W. Thomas Spencer, Jr. CLU, ChFC
Joseph N. Stolberg, CPA
Steven Epstein, Esq., Outside Counsel
Epstein, Becker & Green, P.C.

Fallon Health Executive Team

Patrick Hughes
President and Chief Executive Officer

Sarika Aggarwal, M.D.
Executive Vice President and Chief Medical Officer

Frank Barresi
Senior Vice President and Chief Information Officer

Richard Burke
President, Senior Care Services and Government Programs, and Chief Compliance Officer

Christine Cassidy
Senior Vice President and Chief Communications Officer

David Przesiek
Senior Vice President and Chief Sales Officer

Linda St. John
Senior Vice President and
Chief Human Resources Officer

R. Scott Walker
Executive Vice President and Chief Financial Officer

Emily West
Senior Vice President and Chief Operating Officer 


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