About Summit ElderCare

Summit ElderCare, a Program of All-Inclusive Care for the Elderly (PACE), offers complete, coordinated, individualized care for older adults who want to live at home instead of a nursing home.

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Therapy at Summit ElderCare

The program’s team of geriatric care professionals works with participants and caregivers to address each individual's specific needs. This team is an essential component of the Summit ElderCare PACE program.

Our program is available to residents of our service area.

Our mission

Summit ElderCare is committed to maximizing the dignity and respect of older adults and to enabling elders to remain in their homes and in their communities as long as medically and socially feasible. Summit ElderCare enhances their quality of life and their autonomy. Summit ElderCare preserves and supports the elderly adult's family as an integral part of this mission.

Our history

Fallon Health has long recognized the need for more community-based comprehensive services, care and support for people with multiple health needs. In 1995, Fallon founded the Elder Service Plan, now known as Summit ElderCare.

Today, Summit ElderCare is one of eight PACE programs in Massachusetts and more than 100 programs nationwide. Summit ElderCare first became available to residents of Worcester County, the city of Marlborough and the town of Hudson in 1995.

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1-877-837-9009 (TRS 711)
8 a.m.–5 p.m., Monday–Friday

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About PACE

PACE, a national model of care, began in the 1970s in San Francisco. It is both supported and regulated by the Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services and State Administering Agencies (SAA). The SAA in Massachusetts is the Executive Office of Elder Affairs.

Working at Summit ElderCare

A career at Summit ElderCare is a rewarding one. 
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